Effectively Treating Alopecia 3 Natural Ingredients With It

Ladies, many women would complain if you experience hair loss. But should you be grateful if only ordinary experience hair loss, hair loss because there is a serious problem and can seriously interfere with your performance in an instant, which is alopecia areata.

Autoimmune disease is actually not cause any pain in the body, which was attacked only the hair follicle so hair loss regardless of the root and just. Although not known for sure why it could be like this, does not mean you can not handle Ladies. Some drugs may be able to stop the spread of autoimmune baldness, but no help grow hair.

As quoted from www.stylecraze.com, if you are experiencing alopecia, here there is a natural substance that can be tried to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair roots, among others, are

1. Essential oil

Essential oils are oils blended from various types of oils such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil, thyme, rosemary and cedarwood. Oles to bald scalp and massage evenly. Use it every day and better smeared at night when you are sleeping.

2. Leaves henna or henna

Henna leaves or also called henna leaves which is the main natural ingredient henna, is one solution that can be tried. Concentrated orange color that can cover the bald skin gently stimulate hair growth. Quite finely crushed henna leaves 10 dna Dab on your scalp.

3. Castor oil

Castor oil is known for a long time can encourage faster hair growth if used regularly. Massage your head while greasing better to absorb and use the time before bed. Rinse and shampoo in the morning.

4. The yolk

The yolk is high nutritious ingredients that are very good in nourish hair. Make a hair mask with egg yolk mixture, with castor oil and honey and spread evenly to the scalp.

5. The Onion

Shallots have a high sulfur content that can cleanse the scalp and help hair growth faster. If your skin is sensitive, then mix onion juice with a little castor oil or water.

Movements 5 Minutes Burn Calories

Ladies, who would not want to get a slim body and proportionate? All women would want it. To keep your body fit and burn excess fat in the body, there are some easy ways you can do.

The way the course with sports, but sports like what you are able to burn fat a lot even if you only have a little time? Here it is, based www.health.com, some of the following movements will help you burn fat properly, ie

1. Jump

Jump as much as you can because every calorie you jump to issue as much as 68 calories. It would be better if you take a rope and do a jump rope for a few rounds.

2. Run

Leisurely jog or trot in 5 minutes alone can burn calories in your body about 62 calories. Imagine if you do it in 10 or 15 minutes, how much of the fat you burn?

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3. Dance

Who does not want to dance when the music sound? When you’re relaxing with friends or family, take together dancing. Only 5 minutes is enough to burn calories as much as 45 calories, depending on what your movement. Not only able to burn body fat, but also provide an inner satisfaction and happiness Ladies.

4. Shopping

Who does not like to the mall? Although there may not be that you need and you’re thrifty, there is no harm in going malls and streets. Giving a special time even though only 5 minutes walk will give the body a chance to burn calories as much as 22 cal.

5. Take the stairs

Whether at home or in the office, a time period of 5 minutes to up and down the stairs. It is excellent as a cardio workout that will keep your heart healthy. No need to hurry when going up or down stairs, just as you can.

Do not forget to set the breath if you feel fatigue and rest of the body if it is to do the exercises. Staying healthy and fit ya Ladies.

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